Halloween decorations inspired by Pottery Barn

I LOVE holidays, especially Halloween. I try to decorate a little different every year. And this year, I was inspired by Pottery Barn’s spooky theme (lots of skulls, body parts, and snakes).


I was able to find silver glitter spray, small and medium size skulls at Walmart. Target also had the medium size skulls. I simply took them to my backyard and spray painted them a fun sparkly silver.


I added a few bought items (towels used as cloth napkins from Target and tombstone vase filler from Oriental Trading Company) to ones I already had and created a feastive table setting.


IMG_5866Also borrowing a couple snakes from my son to create a spooky vase.

IMG_5963Some of the skulls I did not paint and instead added spanish moss and sand to create more of the “lost at sea” look.

IMG_5870Hope you enjoyed a little look into our Halloween decorations. How did you decorate?KoyoteKate_Logo

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