Dogs Need Love Too


My family loves dogs!! This holiday season I didn’t want to leave them out so I’m adding little doggie goodies to the gifts I’m giving. First up was the cut out cookies. Recipe can be found here. I divided the dough in half. With half the dough, I added red food coloring and cut out little doggie bones. The second half I used green food coloring and made green gingerbread men.

The last recipe is for doggie peanut butter cups! Because dogs are allergic to chocolate I used carob chips instead of the traditional chocolate chips. I started out with a bottom layer of melted carob chips. Then added a middle layer of melted peanut butter chips. And finally, I topped it all off with a carob chip puppy paw print.



I had my little girl Vegas test them out before I wrapped them up. She gave 2 paws up!! They were gone in a flash and then the paper wrapper got licked for about 3 minutes straight. Image


To wrap them up I made these cute little containers that were bought from Michael’s craft store.


I added a clear bag, some shreds, and then tied with a bow. I included half a dozen in each.


They’ll make great centerpieces for the larger gift baskets I’ll be giving. Shhhhh!!!


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