Family Sunday Funday


Rarely do we get a whole weekend day all to ourselves. The weekend usually consists of the boys’ sporting events, birthday parties, or something…not this last Sunday though! It’s a rarity so we took advantage.

First I must start of with Lucas’s playdate with his favorite friend from school. We met up at the local arcade for lunch and some games. He won her a little ball and was so proud! Love his chivalry.


As a family we set off for the St. Louis Arch. Cole had been learning about the Arch in school and I hadn’t been there since grade school. It was a cold, snowy day but such a beautiful one to see from 630 feet up in the air. The little white elevator pods that take you up to the top are a little scary but the boys didn’t seem to mind. From one side, you can see all of downtown and Busch Stadium covered in show. From the other, ice floating down the Mississippi. We topped the day off at Fitz’s Restaurant for dinner and to watch the root beer being bottled. It was an awesome family day and I can’t wait to have more just like it!










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