The Happiness Project: Children Memory Boxes


I’m starting a new series…. The Happiness Project. When we moved into our house I was 9 months pregnant. The biggest worry I had at the time was getting my 2 year old’s room and the nursery ready before having the baby. Everything else got shoved into a little corner here or there to be sorted through when I had more time. And now, 5 years later all that junk is still there. It pains me (even if it’s just a little) when I see those little unorganized, how do I even start spaces. Sound Familiar?

I’ve started several new little projects that make up my whole Happiness Project and this is the first one I completed…Memory Boxes for my boys. It’s pretty laughable how many papers and items of theirs I had spread around the house for me to attend to never someday . Well, that someday was today and when I really got down to it it didn’t take very long. I purchased file boxes and hanging folders at Office Depot and labeled each folder: baby info. preschool, primary, 1st grade, etc. I also used a sharpie and stencils to label the boxes with each of the boys’ names. (I think vinyl letters would be way cool too!) I’m storing them in my office for right now to easily access them when I get new papers to add. Not sure if they’ll stay there but believe me I’m already feeling happier knowing that I got all my boys’ papers together and hopefully one day they will enjoy going through them with me.




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